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1796 Steven Mann *

Steven Mann 1796 Sussex England (probably died between 1841-51 as he did not appear in the 1851 census with his wife)


Ruth (Mann) (born 1801 Barcombe Sussex England. In the 1851 census she was listed as a servant in Sussex aged 50 and not living with any relatives. In the 1871 census, she was recorded as still alive aged 70, head of the house with her granddaughter living with her and having a 16 year old servant)

Children (all born in Sussex, England)
Thomas Mann - M 1822–1879 (great great grandfather of Julian Mann)
Henry Mann - M 1827
John Mann - M 1829
Anna Mann - F 1832 
Ruth Mann - F 1841

Charlotte Mann 1852 (born Hastings, Sussex, England) was living with her widowed grandmother Ruth Mann according to the 1871 Census - She was probably the daughter of John Mann. In the 1881 census she was recorded as living as a servant in Chelsea London aged 29, so probably did not get married.

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