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Family tree

My family has migrated a fair bit and come from many places, from England on one side to Kenya via India on the other. And now China is in the mix.

The Mann journey traces back to (as far as I can find):

  • 1700s Sussex, England (Steven Mann 1796 and his son Thomas Mann 1822)

  • 1800s West Hartlepool, Durham, England (Thomas Mann died there. He fathered Charles Mann in 1878, who's son (my grandfather) Charles Barton Mann were both born there)

  • 1900s Midlands to Lancaster, England (As a child, Charles Barton Mann moved to Stoke-upon-Trent where he met my grandmother Beryl Watson. They moved to Derby where my only child mother Gillian Mann was born in 1939). My grandparents moved back north to live in Lancaster when my grandfather become Editor of the Lancaster Guardian newspaper. My mother moved back to the midlands as an art student and had me (Julian Mann) in Leicester in 1965. We migrated to Australia in 1971)

  • 2000s Canberra, Australia (And now the next generation is born - Lila Mann)

This is the family tree as far as I know it.